Ovvio Panorama started it’s commercial activity in 1992, acting as Sales Agency also as intermediary of international commerce in the Furnitures and Compliments Distribution Sector, under the direction of Sr. Antonio Lanza, occupying different charges in the Furniture Distribution Sector.

In its professional career, he’s been the first vice president of the Board of the European Federation of Furniture Retailers FENA, also president of the Spanish Federation of Furniture Retailers, president of the Catalan Federation of Furniture Retailers, and more other charges in the Furniture Distribution.

Ovvio Panorama is present in Spanish, European, African and American markets. With passion we continue working in the Furniture Distribution Sector, thanks to our Clients and the Team of 6 people, 64 Commercial Agents and 14 Direct Dealers. Also thanks to our Represented Companies.

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